Meet your speakers

Augusto César Dias

Software Developer | OLX Group

I'm software engineer for over 10 years with experience in diverse languages, such as Java, C++, Kotlin and Rust. I have worked many years with e-commerce, some with stock market and currently with classifieds for OLX. I'm very passionate about learning and trying new languages and technologies.

From Python to Rust for Image Processing Performance at Scale

In this talk I'll share the journey of a team with no previous rust knowledge to bring a new application to production:

  • Our initial problem with high resource usage by an image processing python application
  • Why rust?
  • The development process
  • Testing
  • Load testing and deploying to production
  • Scaling and maintaining.


Full Stack Developer | Medicare

Caneco is a web enthusiast since the big boom of Flash from Lisbon, Portugal. Currently he works as a fullstack developer at Medicare where he creates tailored web applications and landing pages for lead generation. Using the web stack of Laravel, Vue, and Tailwind he's addicted to reach the best performance under the hood and having pixel-perfect interfaces. Meanwhile, in the open source world, he takes part in the Laravel community: sharing ideas, snippets, fire tweets, and packages. And more recently contributes with logo and brand designs to thrive projects that he identifies with.

World of Frontcraft

The road to become a modern Frontend developer is not easy... there's a lot to learn: there are the basics, the conventions; the syntaxes. And on top of that it's a world where everything changes quickly and without notice. Get ready for an epic adventure, Warcraft style, where we will be following our hero's quests to level up the skills to become a Developer of Fronteroth.

After this talk, you will have a better idea of all the skill set required to be a Frontend Developer, and what road you should take to become a better one.

Filipe Barroso

GDG Flutter Advocate | Acceptto / GDG Lisboa

Not your usual software developer, Filipe loves getting out of the comfort zone and if you don't see him at a tech event, he is probably organizing the next tech event for Google Developer Group Lisbon, that he is an organizer for the last 4 years and organized more than 60 events, 7 of them being full-day conferences.

He likes to read psychology or support a local community. He has a strong opinion about social impact, inclusivity and the importance of communities. Lately, he has been advocating the new Flutter SDK by Google around Portugal, by organizing Flutter Talks and workshops.

As a developer, he has worked in Android applications for companies such as Altice, Brisa, Federação Portuguesa Futebol, TAP, Bayer among many others and currently is working remotely as an Android Developer and Machine Learning Engineer.

Ready, Set, Flutter!

The Flutter SDK by Google is the new Open Source UI SDK to create native applications in one codebase. What is Flutter and why should you care about it? At the end of the talk, you will understand the decisions behind Flutter, why it is so different from other mobile development tools and platforms and why are so many developers already addicted to it.

Sam Bellen

Developer Advocate Engineer | Auth0

Sam is a Google Developer Expert who works as a Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0. Auth0 tries to make authentication and identification as easy as possible, while still keeping it secure. After office hours Sam likes to play around with the web-audio API, and other "exotic" browser APIs. One of his side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript.

Knock knock, who's there?

In this talk, I will try to explain in-depth, the way JSON Web Tokens work and can be used to secure your single-page apps. I will explain the difference between using opaque tokens and JWTs. The talk will also give an overview of a modern authentication flow and a step by step breakdown of how it works exactly. No specific previous knowledge is required, but it helps if the audience has some experience with authenticating users.