What it feels like

What's a conference without inspiring talks? For DEV DAY'19 we selected skilled speakers who deliver a broad range of topics of all development aspects. They'll show us how far they can stretch the term "beyond" by getting their hands dirty on doing practice lessons, live coding and demos.

We're building the conference spaces in Faro and Berlin to be as open as possible, so you'll have a good chance to run into the speakers during the day and ask them any questions you might have come up with during their talks. In the end of the day our audiences in Faro and Berlin will vote for the exclusive Best Speaker Award, a unique trophy that will never let the winners forget that they gave a talk at DEV DAY'19.

How are talks working at DEV DAY?


All Day: Coding Challenge

This year we're proud to have platform.sh aboard who make our Coding Challenge possible. To make it really challenging, we're offering you 5 preconfigured notebooks with preinstalled platform.sh tools, IDEs and activated evaluation accounts.

The idea is to collaborate on a microservice oriented aggregation platform for news, events, repos, profiles, xcds or anything coding related piece of information you can think of. You're invited to hack along no matter your grade of experience. A platform.sh evangelist will be around all time to get you onboarded and help you with any questions.

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