Last year's winning talks

Fight Club: Clean Code vs. Dirty Code
Daniel Speckhardt

Senior Developer Turbine Kreuzberg

Philippos Kardaras

Senior Developer Turbine Kreuzberg

PHP developers live in a brave new world: in times of conventions over configurations, fullstack frameworks, SOLID principles, dependency injected services, CI-pipelines, docker containers, Vagrant boxes, automated testing and rolling deployments, package managers and SCRUM processes the amount of skills needed to develop web apps grows with O(n^2). Everything gets more complicated, takes more time and adds costs for the client. Do you sometimes wish back the old times of “dirty” coding and plain FTP upload hacks onto the live server? Who are the winners and the losers of this development? Is the growing effort really worth it? Clean-Phil and Dirty-Daniel try to answer these questions and present their points of view with examples, live coding and a lot of humor. Who will win that match? You decide!

Building Fast Websites Against All Odds
Ryan Townsend

CTO Shift Commerce

Fast website performance is essential for a great user experience, particularly in rural areas or emerging markets where poor connectivity and low-power devices can struggle with even the most optimised sites, yet it can still seem impossible to convince clients and stakeholders of the value that performance holds. Now, I can’t promise that I can magically transform your clients’ attitudes toward performance, but what I can do show is show you how to build a fast website without even involving them. In my work delivering high-performance, high-availability websites for some of the UK’s biggest retailers, I’ve come up with a wealth of ways in which we as front-end developers can improve performance – we'll be learning how you don't need AMP, other costly rewrites, new infrastructure, or any kind of work that requires permission (and budget!) to compete alongside the big sites. We may not be able to make the _fastest_ website without permission, but we can certainly make a fast one!