All Day: Coding Challenge

This year we're proud to have aboard who make our Coding Challenge possible. To make it really challenging, we're offering you 5 preconfigured notebooks with preinstalled tools, IDEs and activated evaluation accounts.

The idea is to collaborate on a microservice oriented aggregation platform for news, events, repos, profiles, xkcds or anything coding related piece of information you can think of. You're invited to hack along no matter your grade of experience. A evangelist will be around all time to get you onboarded and help you with any questions.

What is offers a unique PaaS solution and allows you to run a set of applications and their resource dependencies (like databases or caches) as an isolated environment. They allow you to test and q/a your development progress by sharing URLs specific to each environment.

All changes, be it the addition or upgrades of database resources or the complete rewrite of dedicated microservices are isolated between environments so they cannot affect each other. While you absolutely can host monolithic PHP apps on it especially stands out when building decoupled service architectures.

What are we supposed to build?

What are your daily destinations to learn about "developer" news? DEV DAY and like to challenge you to combine forces to build a website that displays lots of developer related stuff, be it meetups in your area, news around the globe or conferences you might want to attend.

We've setup a very basic website scaffold on that you're supposed to fill with life during the coding challenge. Start by visiting our github repo and read its README file.

How can I participate?
  • Ask the local DEV DAY team to get access to the repository and clone it. You can also fork our github monorepo and add branches that deploy automatically as environment.
  • To run the code locally (which is not mandatory but much more productive), you might want to use the accompanying docker-compose file to setup running environments for all the needed microservices.
  • Choose a challenge that feels like a fit to your personal skillset and fork a personal environment for it.
  • Create a new microservice and implement your challenge.
  • Add some frontend component for it in the scaffold. Ask a local frontend guy for her support if needed or simply create a JSON output so someone else can pick it up and improve your environment.
  • When everything looks nice, create a PR and ask to have it merged into master.

Congrats: you're hereby qualified for the final coding challenge awards :)

Here are our challenge ideas

create a news feed, powered by arbitrary RSS feeds
parse ICS files and collect event dates and details
read the latest meetups from an API (
create a slideshare integration
create a youtube integration with latest conference talks
create an xkcd viewer that displays the cartoon of the day
read tweets related to a certain topic
create a gist browser
build a tag system that can be used by any micro service
create a search index to search for arbitrary content of any micro service
Build a login option for the whole site using Jolocom or Blockstack
Integrate a Twilio inbound messaging channel to add content

Why should I participate?

Glad you asked! We're actually trying to build something greater with that repository. While all the code you produce will always belong to you, we want to glue it together to a runnable and helpful website developers all over planet earth can use. It's going to become one of the cornerstones of the coding earth movement, a non profit association founded in Berlin that organizes e.g. the coding berlin meetups.

Besides collaboratively building something together, learning about PaaS platforms and contributing to the community, the 10 finalizers with the most productive code will take home a unique present that actually is alive and will enhance your work life balance.

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