We know how hard it can be as a parent to synchronize your schedule between your professional and private life. While we cannot tell you where to set your priorities on our Saturday event, we'd like to support you with a special childcare offering that we negotiated.

Meet Tim Karbowski from kinderbetreuung-berlin.com: He and his staff come to your house and take care of your child while you are free to enjoy DEVDAY 19. Tim's offering is completely oriented on the child's needs: He and each of his staff are licensed state-approved nursery school teachers who have experience with children of all ages. All children are insured during the childcare. His daily business is picking up children from kindergarten or school, bringing them home and taking care of them until the parents return. He believes that it's best for children to take care of them in their known environment: at home.

If that sounds like an option for you, here's what we can offer: Drop Tim an email and mention the codeword DEV Kids along with your unique Eventbrite ticket number. He will then deduct a 40% discount on the total price.