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What's a conference without talented speakers? Give a talk at Dev Day 2019 and gain endless fame and experience points for your track record. Show us how far you can stretch "beyond". Or get your and your audience's hands dirty by doing a practice lesson on your favorite topic. There are little to no restrictions in drafting your talk topic.

Rules, hard facts & inspiration

We will announce the winning talks in mid March 2019. We would like to cover as wide a range of topics as possible. For example, speak about emerging technologies and their applications, such as machine learning / AI, IoT or Big Data. Take a deep dive into the next generation of programming languages like Elixir, Elm, Swift or Rust. Demonstrate how you increase your productivity using your favorite toolchain, deployment setup, testing framework or architecture pattern. Or you can talk about what it will mean to be a successful developer in the future, as well as delve into the skill set needed.

We're saving your personal data in your browser's local storage instead asking you to login. To submit several talks just come back here - you won't have to provide all the data twice.

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