In 2019 Turbine Kreuzberg's annual Dev Day developer conference will enter the next round. Simultaneously taking place in Faro (Portugal) and Berlin (Germany) and being streamed live around the world, Dev Day 2019 will be an action packed day filled with talks, panel discussions and networking – for, with and by developers. The event takes place on May 25th, 2019 from 10am - 6pm CET

At last year's conference, we celebrated software craftsmanship and all the code artisans who do it every day. In 2019, Dev Day will cast its gaze further into the distance: Under the banner of »Coding & Beyond: Inspiring the Future of Development«, we want to talk about the bigger picture. Where will tomorrow take software development?

1 event, 2 locations

Visit 1 Dev Day event
and attend 2 conferences
at once.

Calling for Speakers

What's a conference without talented speakers? Give a talk at Dev Day 2019 and gain endless fame and experience points for your track record. Show us how far you can stretch "beyond". Or get your and your audience's hands dirty by doing a practice lesson on your favorite topic. There are little to no restrictions in drafting your talk topic.

We're giving away an awesome best speaker award every year, the winner is selected by acclamation.

Need some inspiration?
Hard facts and Inspiration

Voices of 2018

My absolute highlight was when one of the members of the audience approached me right after my presentation. He had already applied one of the things I talked about in my presentation and was able to improve the performance of one of his queries by around 200%-300%.

Kai Sassnowski
14 talks & panel discussion
live streamed and recorded
organized by developers
topics range from ops to dbs
lunch included
high networking ratio

Impressions from 2018

Dev Day 2018 in Faro was a big success and the speakers were super happy.

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